April 3 - 5

Flower Essence Therapy

Felicita Felli Maynard Performance


April 10 - 12

Ancestors in Training: Sustainable Legacies

Regenerative Health: Growing and Using Medicinal Plants of NEW YORK CITY & Workshop


April 17 - 19

Abuelita Knowledge: Cultural Preservation in the Aftermath of Colonialism

Yerbeteria: Herbs and Flower for the Soul, Body and Spirit


felli maynard performance





Bel Falleiros piece will be activated by fellow artist and friend, Felli Maynard. 


Bel's work relates to the artist’s ongoing research on “navels” of the land, sites that give birth to places and their myths across multiple cultures.​


Felli is a New York based interdisciplinary artist, student and educator. They focus on retelling stories that challenge misrepresented histories of people from the African Diaspora, the beauty of the Black body and investigating the complex identities that compromise gender and sexuality.

ashni sunders

Tapping the Root:

Recovering Ancestral Memory and Honoring our Lineage


A workshop aimed at healing cultural and celebrating culture through tapping into the root of our family trees. We will explore our relationship  with Mother Earth, our ancestor most ancient, and ways of connecting with her more deeply. Using Flower essences, Meditation and Reflection we will  explore what it means to be in right relationship with the Earth and ourselves and pratical ways to recover our vital energy and generate support for walking our talk and living a life of integrity and peace.

regan de loggans





Currently in progress...


veronica agard

Ancestors in Training: Sustainable Legacies

"We are the ancestors of the future and what we do know will have an impact.”

- Yeye Luisah Teish, author of Jambalaya

What does mean to be an ancestor in training in the face of climate grief, hyperconsumption and an uncertain future? Can you be somebody's ancestor without having direct descendants? How can we live lives that our descendants and the next seven generations can be proud of? Given the state of the world, what environment will the next three generations inherit? Let's talk about sustainable legacies. During this interactive session, collaborators will explore these questions through a guided healing practice featuring mixed media, discussion groups and writing with the intention of rediscovering how to navigate being Ancestors in Training. Collaborators will receive access to the syllabus of the same name so that the roots of the conversations grown during the session can travel to their communities.

antonia perez

Regenerative Health: Growing and Using Medicinal Plants of NEW YORK CITY

During this workshop participants will learn about several local plants growing in NYC and how we can build mutually regenerative relationships for our survival. Plants can be powerful allies to support our grounding, mental clarity, adrenal and musculoskeletal system. Within a fragile healthcare system, plants offer an important role as preventative and accessible medicine. However, as herbalism grows in popularity, we risk the distortion of this timeless tradition as it becomes capitalized on. Providing accessible medicine can be likened to building accessible food systems. Throughout this discussion, participants will have the opportunity to taste herbal teas, go on a plant walk to meet some of these plants and deepen their awareness to their own body systems.

la loba loca 

Yerbeteria: Herbs and Flower for the Soul, Body and Spirit


This is an intro session were participants will gather to talk and share about the magical powers of herbs and plants.


How can we work with herbs and plants to support our souls, bodies and spirits through the work that we do? How do we work with plants and flowers towards community liberation?

Earthlings have been working with plants to support their bodies and souls for a very long time. It is time to start (re)claiming and (re)membeing herbal medicine and practices. The framework of this knowledge share is community care, yerbeteria is all about giving people the tools and knowledge so they can take better care of themselves and their community.

Participants are highly encouraged to come ready to share from their own experience and knowledge.

Some of the topics covered will be:
- Introduction to yerbeteria, or Latin American folk herbalism
- Overview of basic herbal preparations
- Politics around sourcing and wildcrafting herbs
- Herbs that help with anxiety, boundaries and nourishment
- Magical and energetic uses of plants and flowers

la loba loca

Abuelita Knowledge: Cultural Preservation in the Aftermath of Colonialism

You are invited to join a radical knowledge share with La Loba Loca . In this talk we will be touching upon the importance of Abuelita Knowledge and ways in which we can document and value passed down knowledge. We will be also learning about plants, medicinal uses for the body, spirit and soul.

Event registration will be available soon.

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